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A Leading DUI Attorney & Retired US Naval Lieutenant Commander with specialized experience defending military cases.
Being arrested for DUI, traffic and other criminal offenses can be a terrifying and damaging experience.  After your arrest, especially for DUI, it is essential that you secure the best possible legal representation for your defense. You need to protect your rights and interests because with this charge, your reputation, employment, and future are all at risk. 

Contacting an experienced attorney is your best hope in finding a successful outcome.
You will need a lawyer capable of putting together an aggressive defense. You will need a lawyer with years of experience defending this type of case.  You will need Lee Devendorf.

With Lee Devendorf, you have a dependable ally as you fight to prove your innocence or attempt to reach a lowered charge or acquittal. Time is of the essence if you want a fair chance against the charges, so act fast!  Call Lee Devendorf today for a free consultation.

Lee Devendorf defends DUI, traffic offense, and criminal cases in court systems throughout Hampton Roads including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and Newport News. 

Why Lee Devendorf, DUI Attorney?

* Extensive experience defending over 1,000 DUI and traffic cases

* Former DUI Prosecutor for City of Virginia Beach

* Retired Lieutenant Commander US Navy catering to the special circumstances of the military population.  Many of our cases are for military and their families.

* Serving U.S. Navy, Army, and Air Force personnel in Federal Court, as well as courts in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Newport News, and Hampton.

* Serving the Hispanic Community with full-time Spanish speaking paralegal

If you need a DUI lawyer, make sure you hire a one with DUI & Traffic and criminal experience.  If you are in the military, Lee Devendorf understands your situation and will help you navigate the complexities of your special circumtances.
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Arrested for a DUI? Are you in legal trouble? Schedule a free consultation.
If you have been arrested, you need to find an experienced attorney to help you navigate through legal system. A retired Lieutenant of the US Navy and former DUI prosector for the City of Virginia Beach, Lee Devendorf is on your side.

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