Devendorf Law Practice Areas

Devendorf Law practice areas include representation for DUI, traffic violations and offenses, military court-martial and administrative hearings, and personal injury:

Defending DUI cases requires a complete understanding of field sobriety tests, breathalyzer tests, blood tests, and the various other issues unique to this type of offense.

Virginia Beach DUI attorney Lee Devendorf has the experience and resources to competently handle your case and assert your rights and protect your interests in criminal court and at your license suspension hearing. DUI attorney Lee Devendorf seeks the best possible outcome in both of these proceedings in order to help you avoid losing your license and facing imprisonment, fines and other serious penalties associated with DUI. Although you were arrested and may have “failed” a breath test, all hope is not lost. Exercise your right to an attorney and call Lee Devendorf today to discuss your case and options.

Military law is complex and specialized. It requires experience, understanding, and skill to successfully navigate. A retired Retired US Naval Lieutenant Commander, Lee Devendorf is an experienced military lawyer who has effectively resolved hundreds of criminal and administrative cases jeopardizing military careers. Practicing military law, Lee Devendorf will protect your rights at Court-Martial and Administrative Hearings and is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for every client.

If you’ve been accused of a traffic offense and are concerned with the fines, driver’s license points, insurance points, or losing your driver’s license, contact Lee Devendorf. The best way to prevent these consequences is to work with an experienced attorney who knows the law on traffic offenses. Traffic Offense Attorney Lee Devendorf has defended over 1000 cases representing those accused of traffic violations and DUIs.

If your auto accident injury occurred as the result of negligence or misconduct, Lee Devendorf, auto accident attorney, may be able to achieve a settlement that will recover your medical and rehabilitation costs, both current and future. A settlement may also cover home modifications and future specialized care needs. If you have been involved in a car accident in Hampton Roads, caused by another driver’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. In the case of a serious accident, Lee Devendorf, auto accident lawyer, can help you recover the maximum compensation you deserve.